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You have someone who splits Uber fares with you every time, totally eliminating the calories you used to burn on your regular commute. I mean, have you ever tried leaving the warm comfort of your bed on a frigid winter day to go on a run, when a beautiful, sweet soul is big-spooning you and begging you to hit the snooze button? You'll probably decide you don't, because she's a thin, sensual, talented warrior and she just can't have everything, you know what I mean?! Sometimes you get to feel like there is something bigger and magical outside of yourself protecting all living creatures and looking out for the greater good of society.You have someone who loves, and I mean LOVES, garlic naan. Sometimes you think, "Hey, maybe I'll be a great mom one day." And all of those things are kind of nice when compared to a lonely life of despair and doubt.

One of my friends recently gained 20 lbs within a few months of having a boyfriend.No matter what your criteria are, we’ve got a search for it: Age, location, weight, BMI, sexual kinks and preferences, body type, languages spoken, relationship status, etc.Don't wait any longer to find the feeder, feedee , BBW or BHM of your dreams. So of course we built our site with powerful location-based tools.Before I went up a couple of sizes, I was always able to date the men that were interesting to me. The only men who are interested in me now are the ones most women wouldn’t want to go out with.I don’t feel I have been overly picky, but lately I can’t even seem to attract Joe Average.

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Mc Donald's Quarter Pounder beef patties and then, like, NOT digesting them and just having them sit in your stomach forever. ) and 90% feeling super, deeply, profoundly comfortable in your own skin and sweatpants.

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