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The church elders crafted a "restoration" plan to help Driscoll and save the church.

Instead, Driscoll declined the restoration plan and resigned.

I have four little girls all under eight years old, so I have to admit that the conversation felt a bit ominous for me.

As their dad, God has entrusted me with their protection.

I'm not supposed to let a girl feel insecure or weird on our first date? Those are the only emotions either of us will be feeling for a big chunk of the initial time we spend together.

Andersen gives examples of what his definition looks like in practice.

Furthermore, the church started a course for new members, called the Gospel Class, to ensure that members were focused on the mission of the church and that they agreed with the central doctrinal statements of the church. In 2006, in an effort to reduce the overcrowding at its services, Mars Hill opened its first satellite campus in Shoreline.Every single day I thank God for this privilege and responsibility.At the same time, the reality is that we live in a fallen world, and no matter how good of a job that I do as a loving, protective father, my daughters will still experience some of level hurt in this life.We are stuck dealing with the most complex, dynamic relationship situations by applying clunky and awkward dating categories that are entirely unique to a historical setting at least 50 years ago in our small subculture.Andersen describes “the intentional man” as one who “repeatedly and constantly goes first and takes on all the risk of rejection.

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