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Startup shop John X Hannes will be thrilled to be among the nominees, having created the Squarespace campaign.

The Google and Squarespace campaigns each won two silver Lions and one bronze Lion in Cannes last month.

He now explains that he didn’t want to take any attention away from his team.

Cam even claims that his son Chosen was walking – at a mere one month! That said, it certainly wouldn’t surprise us if Chosen Newton inherits some athletic genes.

This movie, only 24 minutes long, led to winning awards at several film festivals including a showing at the Atlanta Film Festival in 1969.

By the time he was 12 years old, he had made his first film using a script and actors and by the time he was 16, he had made his first 2 hour long feature film.

The film was called Because of poor grades, he was rejected twice from getting into UCLA’s film program.

R/GA and the Ad Council won last year’s Emmy with the original “Love Has No Labels” skeleton spot, and they will like their odds this year too—with the “Love Cam” and “We Are America” spots both being shortlisted.

Rounding out the nominees are two brand spots: Squarespace’s Super Bowl ad “Calling John” and Google’s “Year In Search 2016.” 72and Sunny made the Google ad.

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