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Recommended.”“A book by two astute, exceptionally observant single people who discuss the ways that they and other single people manage to stay single…Any woman currently in the throes of singlehood who is looking to change her state could benefit from reading this book.”” I do have to say that reading self-help or advice books is kind of against my nature…but there’s a lot of wit to be had here…They hit the proverbial nail on my head with the first chapter – so much so that I almost stopped reading and said, “That’s it! that a lot of chick lit books engage in but proves that we are all just trying to make sense of this thing called love.I have been diagnosed.”“Plainspoken and to the point, the guide is simple, practical, and above all, positive, the message invaluable, not to mention entertaining…There are enough small gems in these pages to reinvigorate even the most pitiful dating repertoire.”“I. ““In the book, co-authors Holmes and Katz tell you how to recognize those unfortunate times when You’re Being a Bitch, Acting Like the Patron Saint of Lost Causes, or Missing the Signals for When to Get Out and When to Stick Around…And so goes the snappy, no-bullshit, He Said/She Said format of Why You’re Still Single.

It's not something we consciously choose, we just surrender to it and it feels like home.ask me why I’m single (shouldn’t this be a verboten question, like asking someone their age or how much they make? So I polled friends and How About We readers for the retorts they use (or used to use when they were single) when faced with this incredibly annoying question. Related: 15 Perks to Being Single and Dating 1.”Why are you still married? “So I can stretch out in my own bed.” kdbebe 3.”When my grandma asked me this this weekend, it took everything from saying ‘so how come you are still so old? “I didn’t realize there was a cut-off age.” – @C_rnewman Related: Trust Me, Guys, This Is Not Why You’re Single 5. “An ongoing series of poor choices made by me and/or the people I’ve dated.” –@Joe Berkowitz 12. “Because fantasy sports take too much time.” –@David Israel 14.”Because I’m in the middle of moving from right person to other right person, bumping into people to f*ck/have a good time with who are lacking one or two fundamental things (or find me lacking one or two fundamental things) but are attractive enough to sleep with.” –@Ryan_Dowler Related: Seriously Guys, Are We All Being Too Picky About Our Love Lives? Instead of feeling energized after hanging out with your partner, you feel emotionally drained most of the time.They seem to always have something to complain about, or just have a negative outlook on life.

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why you’re still as single as a pringle? Well, we have, and let us tell you, there’s something to blame.

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