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Of course TEMPTATION you & shawn cha are really good match.... Hmmm, Words can't describe the love i have for you. Your character in winter sonata and stairway to heaven I really love so when I watch temptation I said why is she a villan and when the twist was revealed I was relieved, I am just curios are you and Shawn are real partners in life? I really loved the way how you make your eyes so sad that no one can imagine what's behind those teary eyes. You're the most beautiful korean actress I've seen. I just finished watching your last project TEMPTATION and you did well in your character. CJW, keep up the good work, looking forward to your next movie or drama! I can't believe she got fired by a director before. Honesty/Truth, Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, Suspicious Housekeeper i have seen so far. You are not only a national treasure of Korea, but of the world!Another year and another glamorous selection to rep a thoroughly unglamorous thing.Posted: , Author: Okypexel It's as if at times it steps back to admire itself.(I hear she directed a very compelling short called "Apple" of which others speak highly.) But director Lee Jung-gook's half further demonstrates that his cinematic letters are ones I'd best leave unopened, if not have returned to sender. The film is slow-paced, taking time out to appreciate the vast expanse of space making this film perfect for the cinema, and leaving me disappointed that my only option for viewing it was my computer screen.It’s nice to see such likable stars promoting the civic duty of paying taxes honestly and on time.Actress Choi Ji-woo is in a new upcoming drama called ‘Woman With a Suitcase’, in which she will be appearing as a career woman.

OR play history drama, i wann see her wearing hanbok. I have watched all her dramas and movies for the nth times. she's my forever favorite, very pretty and young-looking.

I'm interested with Korea because of her, of course she's the main creator of word 'hallyu' Hi cho ji woo You are so loved here in the Philippines.

Especially in winter sonata and stairway to of your dramas are already aired in Phil. We are looking forward for more of your new bless You're such a very good actor with a big heart.

Although Choi completed her first year, she had to withdraw from college studies due to her hectic work schedule.

In February 2014, Choi signed with the talent agency YG Entertainment.

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