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Brand new brass hardware, such as drawer pulls, door handles or towel bars, stays shiny and bright for decades because its surface is covered by a protective coat, usually a lacquer.

To "age" brass hardware in a reasonable amount of time, you'll first need to remove this protective coating and then ammonia fume the exposed brass.

which leaves a lot of room for different antiquity estimates.

Antique singing bowls are most easily identified by both their unique sounds and a combination of detailed physical characteristics.

The cost of shipping and handling varies according to type, size and weight of the package, the shipping method and the shipping destination.

Solid brass trivet designed by award winning designer Oji Masanori for Japanese foundry, Futagami.

Hand sand cast solid brass made using traditional methods dating back to the late 1800s give it a unique richness and texture.

The 'php' framework for the pages was expertly set up by Anthone Rome of Silver Marbles, Ltd. He is covering items made mostly during the period 1851-1951.

This follows the period covered by most of the books on antiques that range up to about 1850.

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Based in West London, we specialise in decorative grilles but can also refurbish or replicate brassware using traditional methods dating back to the 18th century.

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